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2014, Socially: Our favorite posts!

By Corrie Oberdin   •   17 December, 2014



2014, Socially: Our favorite posts!

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We’ve looked at our favorite design posts of 2014, and today, we’ll look at our favorite posts about social media!


In The Benefits of Using a Social Media Management System, we look at the reasons why your brand may need to look at a more in-depth social management solution than just posting directly on Twitter and Facebook. If you are considering a new system for 2015, this is the post to read.


In Brand Mentions (Why Should You Track?) we look at why tracking social conversation about your brand can be important. While many brands will focus on what is being said about them in their direct channels, tracking holistically can provide important information as well!


We also spent a lot of time looking at planning content for your social channels. Want to get started? Check out Creating Content Buckets. Want to put it all on paper? Read Starting a Content Calendar. Worried about an unplanned event? Take a look at When to Go Off Track.


Finally, if you want to keep up to speed on all the latest news, we recommend Keeping Up to Social Speed.


Got any other favorites? We look forward to sharing more with you in 2015!

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