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Including Employees in Your Marketing

In General by Dawn Sailors     Comment Bubble  Leave a Comment      2

Right alongside your customers, employees are the heart and soul of your organization. They make your services tick, they sell your products, and they are the means by which customers interface with your organization.  So why do some companies leave employees out of the marketing discussion? We’ve talked about building a brand, developing visual brands,…


A look inside logo (re)design

In Logo Design by Corrie Oberdin     Comment Bubble  Leave a Comment      Like

Logo redesign is one of our favorite things to do. When we create a new logo for an existing company, we review the logos for issues that need to be addressed, and then fix them in the newly redesigned logo. Here is a look at one of our recent logo redesigns, and the issues that were…


Year at a Glance: Iridian Annual Report

In Print Design, Iridian Group by Corrie Oberdin     Comment Bubble  Leave a Comment      1

A new year, and a new take on the Iridian brand, means that it is time for a fresh new look for our Annual Report! Want to know what we’re up to? Take a look! Iridian 2015 Annual Report from IRiDiAN GROUP


Grover Ice Identity

In Clients, Design, Logo Design, Web Design by Corrie Oberdin     Comment Bubble  Leave a Comment      Like

Have you been to Grover Ice yet? It is a community ice rink in Midtown Omaha and we are excited to unveil the identity campaign we recently completed for them. Let’s start with the logo. We went through several iterations, and every time came back to a illustrative logo that speaks to exactly what Grover does best…

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