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A Fractal Tie-In

By Corrie Oberdin   •   22 April, 2015



A Fractal Tie-In

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Iridian Projects-IBMz13 2

One of our most recent projects is a a promotional campaign to introduce IBM’s new z13 mainframe for Sirius Computer Solutions. The project was designed to let Sirius customers know about the new IBM z13 mainframe which has a unique look (see the real thing in the email below).


IBMz13 Email


The promotional campaign consisted of an initial email announcement, and a printed brochure/mailer which followed up the initial email contact. In each, the graphics tied in with IBM’s promotional graphics for the mainframe. The printed piece was created using a die cut and spot UV coating to emphasize the unique look of the z13, showcasing the fractal pattern on the front and the fluorescent blue lighting that illuminates the mainframe when it’s running. The result was a design oriented mailer that highlighted not only what the mainframe could do for Sirius’ clients, but also provided a tie in to IBM’s z13 signature look.

Iridian Projects-IBMz13


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