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A Good Partnership with Solid Marketing Principles

By Dawn Sailors   •   24 May, 2011



A Good Partnership with Solid Marketing Principles

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We take pride in our partnership and status as Design Basics’ Preferred Marketing Vendor (you’ll see the designation in the upper right hand corner of our website home page). We feel this designation is a testament to the way we work and the product we produce as, by bestowing this designation to Iridian Group, Design Basics is ultimately recommending us to their clients as well.

Design Basics designs and markets plans for single-family homes nationally through their website, catalogs, newsstand magazines, and industry publications. They also provide custom designs, plan alterations, and marketing services to national builders. Iridian Group was initially hired by Design Basics to work on major corporate website issues with a very restrictive timeline. They were impressed with our consultation, web services, turnaround time (and the fact that we were on budget didn’t hurt, either). As a result of that experience and follow-up conversations, they chose us as their Preferred Marketing Vendor – meaning they recommend our work to their clients that are looking for a partner to supply any form of marketing service.

One of things that sets Design Basics’ apart from their competition is their marketing to women – via web, print, showroom and point-of-purchase display, and one-on-one communication. We took the time to understand their specific strategy within their industry and translated it into the marketing material options we have designed – and continue to develop – for the Design Basics client. Iridian Group has always understood the power of reaching this particular market segment and find we are easily able to apply our experience and knowledge in this arena to this industry. It only continues to prove the point that good marketing strategies are always applicable – to all industries.

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