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A look inside logo (re)design

By Corrie Oberdin   •   5 April, 2016



A look inside logo (re)design

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Logo redesign is one of our favorite things to do. When we create a new logo for an existing company, we review the logos for issues that need to be addressed, and then fix them in the newly redesigned logo. Here is a look at one of our recent logo redesigns, and the issues that were addressed:




Issues identified with prior logo:

  • Resembles a high school logo mark
  • Does not connect with the community PCHS serves
  • Unclear what PCHS stands for
  • Flat, cold logo was not providing the welcoming, caring, and professional aesthetic the hospital wanted to project

PCHS Horizontal Logo
Issues addressed with updated logo:

  • Health Services stands out clearly – combined with the medical cross symbol, the services PCHS offers are immediately clear
  • We have tied in the hospital with the rural community it serves by implying a field within the cross shape
  • The addition of the excellence tagline works well with the subtle excellence ribbon visual in the logo mark

Can you see the difference? By redesigning logos with intention, we are able to update logos with a purpose!

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