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Instagram Best Practices for B2B

By Dawn Sailors   •   15 April, 2014



Instagram Best Practices for B2B

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Are you currently running the social media accounts for your company? Posting updates, thinking of creative content and engaging with your audience are just a few things that you probably do. What should you do when your boss decides that he or she wants you to start an Instagram account for the company? You might have one of your own personal Instagram accounts but it’s not as easy to run an account for a business.

@HireVue is celebrating 9 years today as a company! Here’s to many many more!!

Like every marketing channel, Instagram should be approached systematically. While the end goal of using social media is to generate leads you must think of the routes you need to take to get there. Take a look at these best Instagram strategies and consider implementing them in order to reach your goals.

First, think about what you would like to see a brand promoting on Instagram. Then think about what your target audience is and what they would like to see? How can you get them to engage with your photos? What will get them talking about your company? Make sure you determine what will make your fans engage with your brand and then create your execution plan.

Start taking pictures around the office and make them look interesting. Your photos should stand out just as if you were posting something on your own account. When you are posting pictures make them different than what you are posting on other social media sites. Your followers should feel as if they are getting a different experience by following you on Instagram. Most Instagram users are very creative and they know when someone posts a picture with little or no effort. Don’t post any pictures unless they are visually appealing! Think about this: Are you having an employee meeting soon? Take a picture of the lunch the catering company brought. Use a unique angle in the photo, try playing with a couple filters, and tag the company in your post. (don’t forget to use the @ symbol)

@zinternships Only 17 more days until our spring application opens for our 2014 Summer Internship!!! #zinternships #zappos #college

Hashtags are very important when using Instagram, they act as keywords providing a way for people to find your photos through a simple search. A hashtag is a unique way to engage your viewers. Think about hashtags that apply to your business? Which ones are unique to your brand and industry, as well as popular keywords. Try some of these: #b2b, #socialmedia, #employer, #employerbranding, #software and much more. Take a few minutes to look at what hashtags have the most pictures in their search and start using them to get more visibility.

Engaging with potential customers will put you ahead of the game. Keep in mind that most events have a unique hashtag so use it! Let other employees know that you are starting an account and encourage them to follow you. Your co-workers can be your “free” initial start up of followers and can really boost your engagement. Post regularly and thoughtfully in order to be the most effective.

Instagram recently launched a direct messaging system where users can send direct messages to each other.  If you provide customer service via your other social media channels, you should be prepared to also handle customer concerns via Instagram as well. Consider a process for using direct messages to connect with customers who report problems or issues.

Do you have any Instagram best practices that you follow? Share them in the comments below.

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