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Be a Secure Marketer

By Corrie Oberdin   •   23 October, 2015



Be a Secure Marketer

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. While many of us may be concerned with our personal online security, it can be easy to let cyber security in the workplace be the area that our IT staff takes care of — with assigned passwords for computers, rules about what sites we can (and can’t) visit, and what programs we can download on our computers.STC

However, Cyber Security extends to areas outside of IT as well. Because many smart marketers use multiple online channels – from social networks and blogs to email or online design programs – it is important that marketers also be vigilant when it comes to areas of cyber security. Here are a few things you can do to be smart & secure:

  • Keep your website up to date. We’re not talking about the content – your back end, or content management system, needs to be updated regularly to maintain its security.  If you’re looking for more information, consider reading our post from last year – “Maintaining a Website? Consider This First!” – it contains great information on how to keep your website secure.
  • Keep your passwords strong. If we had a dollar for every social media account we’ve come across that uses some form of the company’s name in the password, we….could buy a LOT of cookies. Make your passwords for your company  accounts strong. If you feel they need to be easy to remember because more than one person uses them – then make sure the password is agreed upon by everyone. Refer to this article on passwords if you feel you need to get kicked out of your password rut. (And remember – sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, which allow individuals to access and run company pages – also need strong passwords across ALL page admins!)
  • Know who has access. If you have multiple vendors who handle different types of accounts (website, social, email, research) make sure you know who has access.  That way, if there is a security breach, you can more easily find & plug the leak!
  • Whenever you can, enable two-factor authentication. (‘Nuff said).
  • Encourage a culture of security across your team. Make security a priority for your entire marketing team – not just you! And ask that your vendors and consultants to the same.

What’s your favorite marketing security tip?


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