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Beyond Social Media: Takeaways

By Dawn Sailors   •   8 November, 2011



Beyond Social Media: Takeaways

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Thanks to all who attended our Beyond Social Media Lunch and Learn today! Below are 5 takeaways to take back to your office (and beyond!).

1) It’s not just about Facebook and Twitter. When we talk to companies about Social Media, a lot of them are focused on Facebook and Twitter and they are great (we like them!). Keep in mind, however, that they might not be the right opportunity for your particular organization. Looking at the broader Social Media landscape may help you figure out what tools are more effective for your own needs.

2) Niche Social Networks are like advertising in a special-interest magazine rather than in the Wall Street Journal. They let companies match up with some of their key targets – and you would be surprised at the depth and breadth of niche social networks available. In fact, here are a few that might be fun to see:

3) Blog and podcast sponsorship and/or PR helps you forge relationships with key taste makers. Focus on quality, not quantity, when approaching and handling these relationships. Be respectful of the bloggers and their time – and do your homework before you start.

4) The message board is still around, and it produces incredible brand intelligence. Because blogs and social networks get all the attention, we often forget about the humble message board as a place where people interact, share their opinion and talk about brands. It’s not just the “big brands” that get play on message boards. Because they also focus on “niche”, you can have similar interactions on message boards that you will on niche social networks.

5) Don’t forget the Review sites! As more and more people feel comfortable with sharing their opinion online, participation in review sites (like will only increase. Do you know what people are saying about you – and do you have a response strategy? (Hint: Response doesn’t just mean making a reply).

Got questions? Have something to say about the Lunch & Learn? Hit us up @IridianGroup on Twitter or in the comments below. Thanks for attending!

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