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Beyond the Logo: Lunch & Learn Takeaways

By Corrie Oberdin   •   16 October, 2013



Beyond the Logo: Lunch & Learn Takeaways

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Did you miss our “Beyond the Logo” Lunch & Learn? Can’t remember that one takeaway you want to share with your team? Never fear! Below are five takeaways from Dawn & Corrie’s presentation to help you kick off a content marketing program in your organization:

  • Look for content across your organization with the content audit.  Subject matter experts don’t just reside in marketing, nor can content only be found in your current projects.  Conduct a content audit and look at your people, your projects (pass and present) and your relationship to uncover a depth of content you may have never known existed!
  • Take an objective approach when analyzing your current marketing materials.  Are they really accomplishing your goals? Do they enhance your content or fight with it?
  • You may have different audiences and different channels for those audiences.  Make sure to match your content with your audience & channel, and don’t try to send everything out to everyone all the time.
  • Visuals should be planned out and intentional. They need to match your message and be consistent.
  • Planning is key! A content calendar will help, and should use resources from ACROSS your organization (including designers, campaign managers and project managers whose content may affect delivery deadlines). It will also need to be followed to ensure you push out your content on time, every time.

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