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Why does your business need good design?

By Corrie Oberdin   •   28 January, 2014



Why does your business need good design?

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Welcome to our short series on graphic design! In our first post in the series, we looked at what graphic design is. In this one, we look at why design might be important for a business.

Why does your business need good design?

With that definition in mind, it’s easier to move on to the question of ‘Why does your business need good design?’ To answer that, we should probably clarify that the emphasis here is on good design. Because every business has design whether intentional or not. Good design though, now that’s a different story.

A business needs good design for the same reason it needs good employees and good products. In the world of consumerism, the way you look is everything. The old ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ adage just doesn’t stand up in a marketplace where you are fighting for customer attention.

Case in point: If you were browsing the web for a wedding photographer, and came across these two companies, which would you want to work with?

fictional photo 2 fictional photo 1

Most people would choose the one on the right. But why?

The two companies have the same name, the same basic color scheme, and you’ve never heard of either one… But the logo on the right looks more legit. They look like they take their business seriously. They look like they’re a professional company you can trust to deliver a product you’ll be happy with. And like we said, when it comes to attracting business, looks matter. Without ever meeting an employee (let alone an owner), browsing a website, making a phone call, or visiting an office, you’ve just formed an impression of this company, based solely on design. It probably won’t be surprising to hear that your clients do the same thing.

So if that first impression counts, make it count! Your marketing should work for you. Your logo should be able to stretch across any application (b/w, color, print, web, small, large, stitched on clothes, wrapped on trucks, etc). Your website should work in any browser or computer. Your marketing materials should accomplish a designated goal.


 What’s the difference between good and bad design?

So what’s the difference between good and bad design? And more importantly, how can you tell? Well that goes back to the definition of design. One way to tell if design is good or bad is to change the question to ‘is it effective or not?’ We’ve already stated that design is visual problem solving, and with that in mind, you can start to make clearer, less subjective judgements about whether the design you’re presented with is accomplishing your goals or is just pretty to look at.



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