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Celebrating 50 Years

By Corrie Oberdin   •   15 August, 2013



Celebrating 50 Years

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Marking a business anniversary can be challenging.  On one hand, an organization wants to showcase their history and on the other, they want to highlight what their history has taught them.

For Interiors Joan and Associates’ 50th anniversary, we reviewed a number of different ways to mark the milestone in 2013.  Do we highlight designs from years past? That’s fun, but could be dated. Do we look at the history of the company on an ongoing basis? That could be interesting, but for the most part, company history is often only interesting to the company.

Instead, we decided to commemorate the golden anniversary in two ways:

  • Developing an anniversary logo with tagline and updating marketing materials to reflect Interiors Joan and Associates’ 50 years in business, and
  • Run a year long campaign via print and social media highlighting 50 “design tips” from Interiors Joan and Associates’ staff

Logo and Tagline

Our goals for the anniversary logo were to make “50” very clear (large bold numbers), emphasize the significance of that length of time (‘half a century’) but be sure the viewer understands that they are not old fashioned (‘timeless design’).


50 Design Tips

For our social and print campaign, we wanted to give back to Interiors Joan and Associates’ loyal customers.  To do so, we collected design tips culled from staff members and created 50 tips to share throughout the year using photos from recent Interiors Joan and Associates’ projects.  In January, we began sharing a tip a week via the Interiors Joan and Associates social media channels.

IBJ Tip #1

IBJ Tip #2

While we shared the tips on a combination of Interiors Joan and Associates’ social media channels, Facebook was where the tips really took off.  To date we’ve shared 31 tips, with almost 6,000 views, 148 likes and 44 shares.  The success of our tips has been helped along by engaging the designers in the process.  Interiors Joan and Associates’ designers frequently pass on tips to their connections, helping extend our reach far past the page network.

To further extend the reach of the tips, we identified four tips to be used in print ads.  Each ad highlights a tip with an image that demonstrates the tip in use. The ad also invites the reader to review the series and follow along via the social media channels. 


This campaign has kept customers and staff engaged in celebrating the Interiors Joan & Associates 50th anniversary throughout 2013.

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