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Counting Down: Windows End of Service Campaign

By Corrie Oberdin   •   10 April, 2015



Counting Down: Windows End of Service Campaign

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Earlier this year, Sirius Computer Solutions asked us to create a campaign that would let their customers know that as of July 14, 2015, Windows would be discontinuing support for Windows Server 2003. This means that all datacenters running Windows Server 2003 would need to update and purchase new equipment. Sirius needed to communicate the change to their customers running Windows Server 2003 and inform them of the different ways that Sirius could help with the transition.

End-of-Service 1

For the campaign, we designed a mailer that included an actual countdown timer which is counting down to July 14, 2015.  This provided Sirius customers with exactly how much time they have before the end of service takes place. Included in the mailing with the timer was a folded informational piece detailing the ways in which Sirius can help them make the migration to a new server.


End of Service Email


The mailer was followed up with an email which directed them to a landing page that also had a countdown clock. Overall the campaign was designed to symbolize a screen fading to black – again, reinforcing the passing of time before the transition in July.

sirius end of service website



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