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Designing a Logo – Our Rebrand

By Dawn Sailors   •   12 September, 2011



Designing a Logo – Our Rebrand

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As most followers of Iridian Group know, we went through our own company rebrand in 2010. As with all rebranding efforts, a big part of that included a new logo and, since logo design is one of our specialties, we jumped right in.

When we approach a new logo design for a client, the first thing we do is meet with them to discuss the attributes they are seeking for their brand or product. For example, a client may want a homey, comfortable look and feel or a high-energy, modern direction for their brand. Based on those identified attributes we have our team of artists – between two and four – sketch out individual designs based on our discussions and their interpretations.

Once the artists are done, we meet as a group – the entire staff – and discuss the initial sketches. We provide critique, suggest changes, and identify what works and what doesn’t. The artists go back to their designs and rework them based on our feedback. We then cull the options down to a manageable number of designs that we believe get the right story across – we try not to overwhelm our clients with dozens of logos – and present them to the client.

In the case of the new Iridian Group logo where we were the client, we followed the same process. We looked at initial designs, provided our artists with feedback, and culled the results down to two options. Then it was a matter of choosing the design we felt best represented us and the evolution we, as a company, continue to experience.


When you look at our new logo, you might not immediately see any similarities to our previous logo. But if you look closely (and are a fan of fonts) you’ll notice that our new font is in the same family as the old Leopard logo. Some of our other design options had even more elements from the Leopard logo, but ultimately, we felt that this new logo brought the fresh, new face to our fresh, new brand that we wanted to express.

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