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Dr. Popp Billboard Design

By Dawn Sailors   •   28 October, 2013



Dr. Popp Billboard Design

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For several years Dr. Popp’s bright yellow, magenta, and cyan billboards have been an Omaha staple, recognizable and visible all around town.

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But after years of the same look, it was time for the cosmetic surgery’s billboard marketing to get a little facelift of its own.

Iridian Group created a new billboard for Popp Cosmetic Surgery PC to highlight their newest service, non-surgical Exilis for face and body. The procedure uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology to tighten skin and melt fat. Exilis is a new RF device that is tolerable, fast, and is effective in some way for nearly 90% of those who choose it.  It not only tightens skin anywhere on the body, but will melt small quantities of fat without any surgery.


The billboard highlights the non-surgical procedure by focusing on a problem area that many women can relate to – the loose skin under the arm that is difficult to tone, even with regular exercise.

The new look brings in the familiar colors of previous billboards, but in a more modern layout that helps draw attention to the company logo. In addition, a new hierarchy allows the photos to stand out, while also calling out the important information across the design.

Look for it around Omaha this fall!

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