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“Dstrctd Drvng” – Growing Awareness

By Corrie Oberdin   •   4 March, 2014



“Dstrctd Drvng” – Growing Awareness

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Did you know that at any time, 10% of drivers are distracted (meaning they are paying attention to something other than the road) and are responsible for over 20% of vehicle crashes in Nebraska? We didn’t, but we learned it while working with NET on “Dstrctd Drvng,” a program about the distracted driving problem.

To make more Nebraska drivers aware of the issue and to get them to watch the program on NET, we reached out to bloggers across the state who might be interested in learning more about the program. By targeting bloggers we knew would be interested in learning how to avoid the problem of distracted driving, we were able to reach over 140,00 Nebraskans via blogger reviews, articles and other coverage. The following are examples of some of the great ways that bloggers showcased both the program, and the problem of distracted driving.

Heidi Woodard, who writes for, wrote an incredibly insightful article about how (and why) parents need to avoid distracted driving. She later talked about the issue and the program on her weekly appearance on the “Pat and J.T. in the Mornings” show on Q 98.5 FM.




Her View from Home wrote about the issue, and conducted an interview with the producer of “Dstrctd Drvng:



Odyssey from Nebraska shared about Nomophobia and how it connected to Distracted Driving (read the article if you want to know what Nomophobia is):



Finally, Planet of the Apels reviewed the program, and discussed the problem of distracted driving with her readers:



If you missed the special, or want to learn how to avoid distracted driving yourself, we highly recommend the documentary, which you can watch here.


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