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Elements of Design

By Corrie Oberdin   •   2 July, 2014



Elements of Design

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When any of our designers works on a project – be it a logo, a website or a print brochure – we bring a series of design elements to our work.These elements are the foundations that make up good design, and in our next series of blog posts, we’ll walk you through what the elements of design are and how we use them in different projects.

But first, a quick overview of the elements of design. They are a lot like the elements in science, though unlike the periodic table, there isn’t a universally agreed upon list that you can hang up in the back of a classroom. However, there are common elements that people can use to speak about art and design that allows us to understand each other.  Just like water is made up of individual elements of hydrogen and oxygen, the elements in design act as a foundation for a composition. They apply across the board, and don’t differ from medium to medium – you can find them in print design and web design, as well as photography and painting. So what are these elements and what do they do? A standard list would include the elements of line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space. (Some lists may also include point, movement or direction, pattern, etc.) Here is a quick look:


Next up, a look at how line & shape can be used in web design.

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