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Facebook Marketing in an Algorithm Changing World

By Dawn Sailors   •   9 May, 2014



Facebook Marketing in an Algorithm Changing World

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There seems to be a new social media epidemic that all marketers and businesses are dealing with and it’s all Facebook’s fault.


Facebook has made many drastic changes over the years, and the most recent alorithm change probably won’t be the last.  Reports of engagement rates plummeting are common –  when comparing last years shares, likes, and comments, you are bound to look like you have been slacking off. The following are five articles dealing with the issue that we’ve found most useful:

Facebook Tweaks News Feed Algorithm to Combat ‘Spammy’ Posts – Facebook removed a number of ‘spammy posts’ from users feeds feed – posts that contain links to websites containing a lot of ads. Facebook determines that a link is ‘spammy’ by examining what users do after they click a link. For example, if a link is ‘spammy’ the user that clicked on the link is less likely to comment or share it. This is a sign that lets Facebook know not to show it to others.

Facebook Has Made New Algorithm Updates: Spammy Social Marketers Beware! – Any post that explicitly asks a user to like, share, or comment, on a post to get further distribution is considered like-baiting. It used to be a social media marketing best practice to include a call to action in a post but now it’s time to change. Avoid like-baiting tactics in your posts to keep your posts on top.

4 Tactics for Surviving Facebook’s Algorithm Changes (Infographic) – One of the best pieces of advice that this article provided was that you need to invest in other social networks besides Facebook. The smaller networks have users that are more interested in seeing your content and you are most likely going to see better performance in your posts. Another great tip of advice is to cross-promote your posts. When you are launching a campaign be sure to include it in email, social, newsletters, and television to get the most visibility.

The Hard Truth About How The Facebook News Feed Works Now – In this article they explain that Facebook wants users to get their news directly from the newsfeed instead of having to use other resources. You will notice that big news brands have been taking advantage of this and they have seen great results because of the changes. Facebook has decided it is better to show old “important” news instead of the latest update. For example, news that a friend had a baby, even if the news was posted two days ago, will get priority over any brand’s update if you haven’t seen it yet.

9 Ways to Counteract Facebook’s Big Algorithm Change – Focus on community building and not to completely delete your company page. Deleting your company page can result in a lot of missed opportunities. Without your Facebook page you won’t be able to sync applications with it, run contests through the outlet, and you will also miss out on the detailed analytics

When you are building and engaging with your community the more that you put into it the more you will get out of it. What I mean is, instead of just posting updates and not responding to likes and comments, reach out to them and try to start a conversation. The more engagement that you provide the more chances you have of drawing people in to your page.


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