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A Fine Wine: Direct Mailing for HP Converge Systems

By Corrie Oberdin   •   18 November, 2014



A Fine Wine: Direct Mailing for HP Converge Systems

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We recently completed a series of direct mail pieces for Sirius Computer Solutions focusing on the features of HP Converged Infrastructure, a service that combines servers, storage and networks with facilities, all of which share a common management platform.

The initial campaign mailing.
The initial campaign mailing.

Our target? IT Managers who get a lot of direct mail. Our mission? Get them excited about learning more about Sirius’ offerings with HP Converged Infrastructure. Our solution was a series of five direct mail pieces that combined to share the full picture of what Sirius offers.  The first mailing consisted of an empty wine toolkit box, with empty spots for various wine related items, and a card that said “All of these will be coming soon.”


Each subsequent mailing was a different tool that fit into the kit – such as a corkscrew, dropcatcher, and wine stopper – coupled with a message that emphasized a feature of HP Converged Infrastructure.


All of the Tools Campaign


Each mailing was followed up by an email reinforcing the message.  As we’ve mentioned in previous posts about direct mail, making sure you get your message across in multiple mediums is important.


What resulted was a complete wine kit and potential customers with a full understanding of HP Converged Infrastructure (and, hopefully, a full glass of wine).

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