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Four Reasons Why Good Design is “Worth It”

By Corrie Oberdin   •   22 April, 2014



Four Reasons Why Good Design is “Worth It”

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ComputerThe value of design is a question that a lot of new businesses (and sometimes even established businesses) struggle with, and one we get asked about a lot. While many areas of marketing, especially in the digital age, can be quantified, it can be hard to put a valuation on good design – especially in the world of ROI and hard numbers. We’ve compiled four reasons why good design is worth the cost.

1. Your logo and website are often the very first impression that a client has of your company.

And first impressions count. If you skim over that fact, you’re doing your business a huge disservice.

2. People judge books by their covers.

How many times have you been walking down the aisle at a grocery store and picked up the brand name item, instead of the generic one? They are basically the same, but the brand name is just that: a brand. The company has spent a lot of time investing in building that brand and making sure it is going to catch a buyer’s eye- from the logo, to the packaging, to the website, ads, and commercials, because successful companies know that appearance can be everything in a competitive market.

3. Get the most for your money.

A good designer keeps up on best practices and can help you get the most out of your marketing budget. After all, you’re going to pay to host that website, so why not make sure you have something up that’s worth hosting? If you’re paying to print those business cards, don’t you want them to impress the potential customers you’ll be handing them out to? If your marketing isn’t memorable and doesn’t convert, are you really saving money?

4. Successful business professionals trust experts.

No one can be great at everything, and that’s why, whether it’s law, accounting, or design, smart business owners know what skills they have and what is worth delegating and paying for. You rely on professionals to handle your legal matters, financial matters and you use management consultants to help refine your business. Do you really want to create the entire visual or online presence of your brand without any input from a professional?

That’s not to say that you can’t be successful without the help of a designer. There are certainly businesses that are, but you can bet that the most successful and recognizable brands out there know the value of good design and they use it to their advantage. While an outsider might not know your business or your customer base as well as you do, designers know how to research your industry, convey your message to your target market,  and set you apart from the competition. That’s the real value in design.

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