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From My Perspective

By Dawn Sailors   •   30 December, 2010



From My Perspective

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Hard to believe that it’s been 24 years since Sue and I said “let’s just start our own company”. What a different world. What a different industry. We DID start a company back in 1987 – Leopard Productions, Inc. We bought equipment (typewriters and a big camera, desks and chairs) and began doing what we knew best. At that time it was marketing consultation and the writing and design of print advertisements and direct mail. A long time ago.

Soon after we opened the doors, someone brought in a computer and set it on a desk. The rest is history.

It’s been quite a ride watching the evolution of Leopard, Inc. over the years. New technologies, new people, a new partner – so much evolution that it’s obvious that it’s time for a change. Our marketing consultation backgrounds continue to be invaluable in guiding our clients through the incorporation of the world of electronic communications into their plans. And now we have some incredible technical minds right here in the office that have moved us into new areas of technical consultation resulting in unique partnerships encompassing disciplines that didn’t even exist back in 1987. Quite a ride!

It is time – time for a new name, a new look, a new perspective in everything we do. I hope you will welcome and embrace IRIDIAN GROUP. It’s my ”new” outlook for 2011 – what’s yours?

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