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What exactly is graphic design?

By Dawn Sailors   •   21 January, 2014



What exactly is graphic design?

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Graphic design is a unique field to work in because of the perception that most people have about what we actually do. In fact, if you asked a random person to define graphic design for you, they probably would have no idea what to say. And therein lies the question we face on a fairly regular basis: what is graphic design, and why does your business need it?

Offering design as a service can be tricky in that many people out there don’t intrinsically understand the value in good design. Shocking, I know! It’s surprisingly easy for a business owner to see design as an afterthought. Or as a place to ‘save money’ by doing it themselves. After all, you’re already spending money on your payroll, your office, etc… not to mention your accountant, and your lawyer, so why not just buy a copy of Photoshop and design your own logo? Or perhaps you can save your design company time by laying out your own website and just having them code it. After all, you know what looks good, right? And if you can’t do it, certainly your nephew, the artist, can whip something up for you on the cheap.

Well, maybe. But let’s backtrack for a minute to that first question. What is graphic design?


What exactly is graphic design?

If you define design as making logos and websites, or as knowing design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator, you’d be half right. But only half.

And that’s the difference between a professional designer and someone with design software installed on their computer. Because graphic design isn’t just making things pretty, or being able to use a design program. What graphic designers really do (real designers with knowledge, education, and expertise) is solve problems…. visually.

Graphic design is problem solving through the use of visual communication. We take your goals, your issues, your needs into consideration, and then we combine art, science, and experience to create a solution that works. One that solves those problems for you.




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