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Hear that sound? It’s time for 2014 Resolutions

By Corrie Oberdin   •   9 January, 2014



Hear that sound? It’s time for 2014 Resolutions

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New Years is always a time for resolutions.  Instead of doing the usual (going on a diet, swearing off sweets, or getting up EXTRA early), we decided to come up with some marketing related resolutions for 2014 that are interesting and compelling enough for us NOT to break them.

Dan Market Iridian Group more and increase the number of people who know of and experience our excellence.

Keith Explore and educate myself further in web application development efficiencies. (Barring that, Keith wants to Try really, really hard to learn about everything, everywhere, always. – so the next time you see him, amuse him with a random fact.)

Kim In 2014, I want to pick 4-6 industries and intensely study marketing tactics and strategies successfully employed by the giants in those industries.

Dawn Be more innovative in both the design and functionality of the projects we work on. It can be easy to go with what you know, what’s easy, just to get things done quickly. I want to push out of that comfort zone and create some exciting new work in the process.

Ashley Spend more time getting back to the basics… paper and pencil, I mean. I would like to step away from the computer a bit and create more with my hands, for example, become really great at hand lettering.

Andy My goals for this year are to publish at least two more WordPress plugins, and also greatly increase my responsive development skills.

Corrie Explore up and coming social media applications whether or not they apply to immediate needs. Next up? Playing with Buffer.

Do you have a marketing-related resolution? Can we help? Let us know!

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