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Some Very Important Marketing Tips

By Corrie Oberdin   •   1 April, 2014



Some Very Important Marketing Tips

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Over the years, we’ve learned so many important things about marketing.  In the interest of sharing our wisdom, we’ve decided to compile our favorite pieces of marketing advice, and pass them on to you.

Read carefully – like a Snapchat picture, this post may self-destruct in 10 seconds.

1. When in doubt, always choose Flash for your website. Sure, you can’t view it on mobile browsers, but mobile is a fad, and soon, everyone will be going back to surfing the Internet on desktops like they’re supposed to. Be ready!

2. Can’t choose between Comic Sans or Papyrus? Choose both!

3. When launching a social media channel, make sure you make it impossible for customers to comment on your page. And don’t even CONSIDER figuring out how to respond to them.

4. Your brand is whatever you feel like it should be on the day you are making up your ads. Go with your gut!

5. Editing takes too much time. Run your copy through spell check and call it a day.

6. Nobody reads email anymore, so consider ending your email program in 2014.

7. Consider getting rid of your homepage, and just use your Facebook page – you’ll cut down on hosting costs!

8. Shake up your web design – consider adding graphics to any empty areas and using bright yellow text on a white background! The more you cram onto a page and the harder it is to read, the more time people will spend on your site.

9. Clip art is your friend.

10. Don’t want to invest too much money in your social media program? Let your intern run it!

But seriously folks….HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! And PLEASE don’t do ANYTHING we suggest above! 



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