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Including Employees in Your Marketing

By Dawn Sailors   •   7 December, 2016



Including Employees in Your Marketing

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Including Employees in Your Marketing -

Right alongside your customers, employees are the heart and soul of your organization. They make your services tick, they sell your products, and they are the means by which customers interface with your organization.  So why do some companies leave employees out of the marketing discussion?

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We’ve talked about building a brand, developing visual brands, and cultivating consistency – but outside of encouraging consistency across departments, we’ve never talked about how to engage your employees in marketing and branding. Here are a few ways we like to work employees in:

  • Talk, talk, talk – First up is ALWAYS to talk to the employees. It can be one on one (in small businesses) or in groups, or (for very large organizations) picking individuals from each department to talk with. Talking to employees does several things. Not only does it give us a 360 view of the organization, but it reveals the good and the bad in the current branding, it helps anticipate customer social media concerns, and it allows us to create a marketing or branding program that focuses on where the brand is at – and where it’s going.
  • Survey the whole – Employee surveys are also a fantastic way to get information – anonymously. Employee surveys let you get granular information about key company issues that provides a measurement baseline that interviews can’t do. They are also easy to deploy again over time, so that you can measure the effectiveness of your branding activities internally.
  • Show your work – When you launch a rebrand, or you develop a plan for social media, digital marketing or even a web redesign, share it with employees. This gives them early buy in, but also lets them see the fruits of their labor (and sometimes, they recognize how their ideas came into play!).
  • Factor them in – Don’t underestimate the power of your employees to communicate with your customers and your community about your brand. Employees are often excited about a rebrand, or even a new marketing campaign, so let them share it on social media.  With some exceptions (mostly in regulated industries) encouraging employees to talk about their work on social media can amplify your marketing message.

How do you factor employees in? Do you need help figuring it out? Let us know!

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