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Keeping Up to Social Speed

By Corrie Oberdin   •   24 October, 2014



Keeping Up to Social Speed

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Social Media is always changing. In some cases, things change from day to day, and it can be challenging for small businesses or individual marketers to keep up. We often get asked about how we “keep up to speed” on fast-paced changes in social media. Answer: It’s not easy, but we read a lot, and we research a lot. Here are a few of our five favorite  resources that we use to keep us in the know about what’s going on in the social world.  It’s not a comprehensive list, but covers many different bases!


Mashable – The grandaddy of social news sites has expanded its focus since its launch in 2005.  Originally covering technology, web news & social media, Mashable still covers those subjects, as well as entertainment news, political news and overarching trends in popular culture. Because Mashable still covers social media trends, changes and new ventures, its still a great place to get a quick scoop on a new development.



Social Media Today – Social Media Today captures a wealth of information about the social media sphere. From planning, to marketing, to sociological examinations of social media, the site is a must-read.  Another reason to check it out? The webinar & whitepaper section of the site provides some great areas of interest for those who want to keep up.



eMarketer – If you like data, you’ll like eMarketer.  The site compiles & reports on demographic trends, marketing data, with an emphasis on technology use, including social media. They publish 5 or so articles a day, and the information is worldwide, so even those with international audiences may benefit from the information.



Search Engine Watch – Don’t let the name fool you – Search Engine Watch is about more than Google, Bing & Yahoo. The site looks at social, mobile and big data trends, along with the search industry.  Looking at social from a search perspective can help campaigns and programs be more effective, so this site can be very helpful.



Marketing Profs – Marketing Profs covers a lot of subjects within the realm of marketing – advertising, design, email & planning, along with social media. Their #SocialSkim series is a great one for finding quick, need to know news.




So, there is a short list for how we keep up to date! What’s your favorite resource?




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