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Launching a new channel? Do these five things first.

By Corrie Oberdin   •   21 August, 2013



Launching a new channel? Do these five things first.

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Are you interested in Instagram? Pining after Pinterest? Think your customers might turn to Tumblr? It can be tempting – particularly if you already have an ongoing social media program – to jump right in to a new social media channel. However, before you launch that new channel, do these five things first:

  • Research the channel – What has been written about the channel? Are there privacy concerns? Is there research about what demographics use it most frequently? Does the channel even approve of brands using it to communicate with customers? If so, do they have brand guidelines?
  • Survey your industry – If the channel isn’t new, check out others in your industry who are using the channel.  Are they successful? What kind of content do they share, and what response does their content get? Do other companies using the channel seem to be thriving, or did they start the channel and then stop using it months later?
  • Use the channel yourself – Before you launch your organization’s account, check out the channel for yourself.  Learn the ins and outs, and try to understand the community rules.  This is particularly helpful if you are dealing with very niche channels or smaller, emergent communities. Understanding the channel as a personal user will help you communicate more effectively with customers.
  • Compare and contrast your content – What works for one channel might not work for another.  Survey the content you post now with what works on your new channel of choice & see what fits, what doesn’t, and what you may need to add to your content mix.
  • Set metrics & goals – Make sure that before you launch a new channel, you set some metrics to help you identify whether or not you are on track. Do you want to make sure you’re posting daily? Do you want 500 followers in the first month? Set some goals so that you can evaluate your results after a set period of time.



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