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Logo Design: Matco Services, Inc., A Valmont Company

By Dawn Sailors   •   19 September, 2013



Logo Design: Matco Services, Inc., A Valmont Company

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Iridian Group recently had the opportunity to work with Matco Services, Inc., a Valmont brand, to refresh their identity and branding efforts. Matco is a leading independent consulting, engineering, and testing firm specializing in the fields of failure analysis, inspection, corrosion, metallurgical engineering, cathodic protection systems, materials selection, and coatings.


Because of their diverse areas of expertise, we created an identity that represents the combination of science and structure unique to Matco. The mark incorporates a visual breakout of smaller molecular graphics and has several visual ties to the Matco brand, including illustrating their many service offerings coming together in one company and hinting at the deterioration that is being prevented and/or resolved by Matco’s intervention. It is also a visual representation of the introduction of elements to make a structure stronger, such as in the cathodic protection techniques used by Matco.

We also worked to create a clean modern look, representative of the advancing technology of the company. Geometric and simplified letter forms imply precision and attention to detail, while clean lines combined with subtly rounded edges creates a progressive look and feel. The use of a custom simple type treatment is unique while still extremely legible.

The saturated color palette emphasizes strength and improves readability and illustrates innovative service technology, while contrast is emphasized in both warm and cool tones, as well as bright and neutral, which provides visual interest and draws attention. In addition, overall color choices appeal to a wide audience and emphasize the scientific over the emotional.


As requested by Matco, we designed both horizontal and vertical options for this logo, to ensure ease of use in any application.

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