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A Look Back at 2013 with our Year in Review

By Corrie Oberdin   •   20 February, 2014



A Look Back at 2013 with our Year in Review

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2013 was a big year for us, so we wanted to commemorate it while also marking the beginning of a new year. So, we did something new and put together our first ever “Year in Review” in the style of an annual report. While we create annual reports for our clients, we’ve never compiled one for ourselves, so we felt it was a unique opportunity to showcase our history, give background information and fun facts about our staff, and share information that we felt our clients – new and old – would find relevant and interesting.

A compelling annual report is full of interesting charts and graphics that tell an organization’s accomplishments, work and story in a visual manner. We are fans of infographics, so you’ll notice, the report has many examples of them throughout. Our favorite page? The “work” section, because it required us to come up with a timeline that could showcase project highlights throughout the year.

If you missed it, you can take a look at our Year in Review below!

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