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Mobile Marketing from A-Z

By Corrie Oberdin   •   22 June, 2015



Mobile Marketing from A-Z

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Cell Phone

You have a smartphone. You know that mobile marketing is something you need to think about, but where do you start? Even some of the terms used may be different (though many of them are not much different if you’re used to online marketing).  Here are five basic terms to get you started:


App – Program that can be downloaded onto a smartphone, and provide services to be used on the phone. They can be utilitarian in nature, or for fun. Many companies have both a mobile friendly website and an app, provided they can deliver an experience that customers need via the app. (Apps used to be called programs back in the day for those of us who are old enough to remember!)


Information on Demand – The act of delivering information to subscribers – things like weather updates, sports scores or task reminders.  For smartphone users, IoD is often a key ingredient in app utilization.


Location Based Services – Mobile services (often through apps, but sometimes through websites) that are tailored based on location. For those of you who don’t use social media often – weather apps are a great example of location based services, but there are so many creative ways to use location base services!


Push Messages – Similar to messaging on demand, push messages are sent by apps, and when clicked on, take the user directly to the app.


Responsive Design – Web design practice that allows for a website to be viewed on multiple platforms – from desktop computers to mobile phones – without designing a separate site.


Need some more? Want to get the nitty gritty? Check out the Mobile Marketing Association’s stellar Industry Glossary.

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