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Office Project: Sign In Board

By Dawn Sailors   •   16 July, 2013



Office Project: Sign In Board

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If you’ve been to our new office space, you may have noticed the board right inside the door that we use to sign in and out. Well, we theoretically use it to sign in and out, since with the new open floor plan, it’s pretty easy to see who’s here or not, and we often forget to update the board. But it does add a nice welcome to our entry, and it was fun to make! Here’s a little break down of how we put it all together!

We started formulating the idea when we found this vintage frame at a local thrift shop. We loved the size, the antiqued gold color and the slightly decorative edging.


We settled on a solid plan and headed to the home improvement store where we picked up a piece of metal flashing and some chalkboard spray paint. Then we cut the metal down to size with tin snips, and gave it a few nice even coats of paint.


While that was drying, we bought these adhesive magnets and typography stickers at a craft store, along with a white chalk pen and some standard white chalk too.


Once the chalkboard painted metal was nice and dry, we measured out our grid and used the chalk pen to mark our lines. Then we used the stickers for the permanent text on the board.


Since the stickers and chalk pen wont erase with a dry eraser like the plain chalk does, our grid and headings stay put even when we write and erase names or messages on the board. Here’s Ashley testing our new board out. đŸ™‚ We had each employee sign their own name on the board, for an added personal touch.


Then, because we were feeling extra crafty, we printed out everyone’s photos and stuck them onto the adhesive side of the magnets. We coated each with a thick layer of clear glossy ModPodge and let them dry overnight.


The final result turned out so fun! It has the quirky, creative handmade look we were hoping for and everyone has their own little magnet to move around… at least when we remember to do so.



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