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An annual tradition – we can’t agree on a SuperBowl commercial

By Corrie Oberdin   •   5 February, 2015



An annual tradition – we can’t agree on a SuperBowl commercial

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SuperBowl 2015

Every year, marketing professionals engage in the same tradition – they gather around the TV to eat snacks and watch giants engage in an epic contest….to have the best SuperBowl commercials.


Just kidding. Some of us watch for the game. (But just a few!)


Today, we bring you our favorite SuperBowl commercials of 2015!  Just like previous years, there was very little consensus in the office about the best (or worst) commercial, and you’ll see we almost all liked something different.


Dan: The only one that really stuck with me was the lost puppy Budweiser commercial. (Editors note: Budweiser gets a special award for making that “I would walk 500 miles” song kind of soothing.)


Andy: The Sprint Jackass commercial was probably my favorite of the whole bunch.


Dawn: Avocados From Mexico was good. Memorable, fit the football audience, and actually sold the product!


Jan: I really got a kick out of the BMW13 “New Fangled Idea” one and the Always #likeagirl commercial had a great message, but I was a little surprised to see it in a Superbowl lineup.


Corrie: Because of my undying love of both Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi, I have to say that there is only one Superbowl commercial, just like there is only one Machete – the Brady Bunch Snickers commercial.


Ashley: I thought that the #likeagirl ad was interesting with an empowering message. It was probably a bit more of a PSA than a great commercial (I had to double check what the ad was for), but it got a lot of people talking. Girl Power!


Rachel: I really liked the Dove dads spot. Men are just as united by fatherhood as women are by motherhood. Kind of cool to see acknowledged. The shift to having dad’s play a more equal & active role as caregivers is great to see acknowledged. Brands are clearly recognizing this!


So there you go..if we had to pick a winner, we’d say that #likeagirl got some people in our office talking, but there is no clear winner!

The #Likeagirl commercial got 2 votes....out of 61 commercials. A clear winner? Not so much...
The #Likeagirl commercial got 2 votes….out of 61 commercials. A clear winner? Not so much…


What was your favorite commercial from Sunday? (If you missed the big game, you can check them all out on the MarketingLand YouTube channel).


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