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Playing with a Full Deck: Virtualization with VM Ware for Sirius Computer Solutions

By Corrie Oberdin   •   13 November, 2014



Playing with a Full Deck: Virtualization with VM Ware for Sirius Computer Solutions

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People love playing cards – especially ones that are designed especially for them!  We recently completed a direct mail campaign for Sirius Computer Solutions, targeting IT managers to learn more about Virtualization with VM Ware.  To share more about the benefits of Virtualization with VM Ware, we decided to create a full deck of playing cards.

Card Deck-2

There were five mailings in total – the first four were divided up by suits (for those of you not familiar with cards, that’s spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts), one of which was sent in each mailing. Each suit featured custom illustrations for the campaign, and focused on one overarching benefit of Virtulization with VM Ware. Every card in the mailing also had more specific benefit that fell under the overarching heading. We also included a fun activity that the recipients could use the cards for (especially when they didn’t have the full deck!).


Card Deck-3


The final mailing – which was sent after all four suits, with four benefits of Virutalization with VM Ware – had been sent included a box to keep the cards in.


Card Deck


Each mailing was followed up by an email, which directed recipients to a microsite.


Card Deck

The result was a fun and unique campaign that highlighted many different benefits of a product with an overarching theme, allowing us to share a great deal of information.

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