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“Plugin” to some behind-the-scenes work

By Corrie Oberdin   •   7 October, 2013



“Plugin” to some behind-the-scenes work

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We do a lot of things that are very easy to spot – design, copying writing and social media come to mind. However, we also have a lot of talented staff who do “behind the scenes work” like programming, and we don’t often talk about them.

Iridian Group works in partnership with other agencies in the area of front-end web development. One of our more recent collaboration projects was with Anderson Partners – their client, NuTek Food Science, needed two separate sites to speak to two audiences – whole sale/food manufacturing and consumer. The solution included creating a portal to both sites. Iridian Group contributed programming and technical consultation while Anderson Partners delivered the creative and strategic elements to both sites as well as the portal.


During the life of this project, Andy, who is one of our unsung heroes behind the scenes, did something pretty cool: he created a WordPress plugin that solved a problem for the client, but also helped solve an issue for others as well. The WordPress plugin is called AW WordPress Yearly Category Archives, which allows WordPress users to display archived posts by year from specific categories. Prior to his plugin, you could display archives by year, but you couldn’t narrow it down to specific categories by year. Andy’s plugin lets WordPress developers do just that.

Andy intends to keep the plugin updated, and he also has plans to add a few more features when he has the time. Want to get it for your own WordPress site? Click here.

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