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Principles of Design: Harmony

By Corrie Oberdin   •   23 September, 2014



Principles of Design: Harmony

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Last time we talked about the Principles of Design, Emphasis & Scale. Next up? Harmony.


Principles of Design: Harmony

When you think of Harmony, you might think of music instead of design. However, harmony is used in design in a similar way to how it is used in music.  When a designer arranges specific elements together, the goal is to give the viewer a feeling that all parts of the piece form a whole design. Look at the image in our description below – do you see a circle, or a group of smaller circles? Chances are, you’ll answer “circle” first – the design elements have been arranged to create a coherent circle.



In web design, we use harmony to help indicate grouped information.  While you may not think of a contact form as a series of design elements, it is actually a great example of harmony in web design.  Contact forms are not “whole” elements – they are made up of several different sections, which are things are grouped so as to show the viewer that they need to fill out each element. Because of the way that the elements are groups, users understand that the elements form a coherent whole. Below are several contact forms. Can you see how each is made up of smaller design elements grouped together?




What other design elements on websites can you see as being grouped together (or being in harmony)?



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