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Principles of Design: Rhythm/Movement

By Corrie Oberdin   •   1 October, 2014



Principles of Design: Rhythm/Movement

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When we last talked about the Principles of Design, we looked at Harmony.  Today, we’ll take a look at another “musical” element with Rhythm and Movement.


Principles of Design: Rhythm & Movement

Rhythm may remind you of something you heard about in music class, while movement may bring the dance floor to mind, but like Harmony, they are also part of the designer’s toolkit.  Rhythm and Movement are when a designer uses recurring elements to direct the viewers eye through an image – literally leading you to important things you need to see.




In web design, we use recurring elements that create movement through the image to help the viewer identify information that would (or could) be helpful to them.  On the Metropolitan Utilities District site, the “swoosh” at the bottom of the pictures helps the eye move from left to right on the page.  We intentionally took the “swoosh” behind the “keeping you up to date” section to draw attention to it for new viewers.  Tricks of movement can really help move the viewer from one section of the page to the other.


Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.56.29 PM


Next week, we’ll look at the final two Principles, Unity & Variety.


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