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Print can do more: The Field Paper Show

By Corrie Oberdin   •   22 September, 2014



Print can do more: The Field Paper Show

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We recently attended the Field Paper Company annual Print Show, where we learned about how print & digital are intersecting to create amazing brand experiences.


Field Paper Show Invite


One of the reasons we love the show is that we get to see a lot of cool stuff. This year, trends were focused on bright colors and highlighting a variety of different textures. And textures were everywhere!  From craft paper to paper that simulated snakeskin, rubber, leather and knitted fabric, there were amazing examples of how, using paper & different printing techniques, designers could push the envelope of  the experience print provides.





This year, the theme of the show revolved around the future of print – how print will will be utilizing as many senses as possible by combining print and digital to enhance the consumer experience.  The speaker, Daniel Dejan, from Sappi Fine Paper, talked extensively about the role of print in an increasingly digital world.  Three of our favorite takeaways focus on consumer trust, experience and the intersection of print and digital:






On Consumer Trust:

Research shows all demographics trust print more than digital due to it’s permanence. Customers trust print because if an organization takes the time to make something in print, the perception is that the result is of higher quality.


On Experience:

“Product loyalty doubles if a brand can be experienced with several senses.”


On the Intersection of Print & Digital

Dejan spoke at length about how organizations can augment reality by adding digital elements, or digitally based interactivity – to your ads or catalogs. For examples of the intersection of print and digital, we recommend that you watch two videos – the first is an example of how Dejan’s company, Sappi, uses augmented reality in print ads (viewable here), and a look at a how IKEA incorporates “augmented reality” into their catalogs (viewable here).


Where do you see the future of print going?

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