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Professional Source USA Website

By Corrie Oberdin   •   27 June, 2014



Professional Source USA Website

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We recently launched the first website for Professional Source USA, a staffing firm based in Omaha.  With the launch of their first website, Professional Source USA wanted a premiere job source site for both employers and job hunters. The website includes sections for employers, prospective employees and educational information for both. The design of the site works with their existing brand identity and features photos and testimonials from clients on the front page showcasing the personal touch that Professional Source USA brings to their staffing solutions.


For Employers

For employers, the Professional Source USA website provides an overview of candidate skill sets and a way to contact Professional Source USA with staffing needs. Professional Source USA also provides advice for employers on the subjects of employee retention, hiring and other human resource needs.


For Prospective Employees

For prospective employees, the Professional Source USA website lists current available positions and provides an opportunity for job seekers to upload their resumes to be considered for available positions. As Professional Source USA matches candidates with open jobs, prospective employees may send their resume in for consideration for a wide variety of open positions.

The Employees page also includes information for job seekers on topics like appearance, resumes and how to fill out applications correctly.




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