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Project Overview: Dell Perks Campaign

By Corrie Oberdin   •   22 August, 2014



Project Overview: Dell Perks Campaign

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Direct Mail pieces can get the right message to the right target with a unique mailing. But what if your message is complex?

For some direct mail campaigns, especially those that need to convey multiple messages or key components, you may wish to consider multi-part direct mail campaign, spread over several mailings.  Very recently, we designed a multi-part campaign for Sirius Computer Solutions & Dell, that was designed to share the benefits of Dell PowerEdge VRTX, a scalable and easy-to-manage office-optimized data center to target clients.

Because the benefits were many, and in order to highlight those the client knew would be of interest to the target audience, we designed a series of 6 different mailings. The first mailing came with a mug, a card & a package of coffee.  The card explained the “perks” of Dell PowerEdge VRTX. Each of the subsequent 5 mailings contained another package of coffee and a card containing a message about a different “perk” of the PowerEdge VRTX.




However, its not enough to just reach out to your audience – reinforcing your message can be important too. That’s why each of the mailings was followed up with an email to the target, which led them to a landing page with an updated message.



How frequently do you get direct mail pieces that are followed up by digital components?

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