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Project Review: Sirius and Dell – Epic Self Mailer

By Corrie Oberdin   •   5 August, 2014



Project Review: Sirius and Dell – Epic Self Mailer

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How can you let customers know that a storage solution is efficient, resilient, yet agile? You tell them with a really cool, “epic” direct mail campaign.


In the age of social media, websites and mobile devices, it might seem like direct mail is on its way out. In reality, direct mail can be a great way to connect with a target audience and communicate information in a tangible way. Each person on your mailing list has a physical object they can handle and save, and direct mail can be a great way to introduce and reinforce key messages.


Sirius Computer Solutions, a Dell Partner, was looking for a way to promote Dell’s storage solutions to IT professionals.  Working together with their marketing team, we came up with a campaign that showcases the key features of Dell’s storage solutions in a unique way for a direct mail piece.

Sirius Epic Mailer f-b


In order to create interest, we utilized an “epic” movie theme that would encourage the recipient to view the entire direct mail piece. The mailer looks like a series of movie posters.  Each ‘movie’ name is a feature of a Dell storage solution – Resiliency, Efficiency, and Agility.


The piece is created so that the recipient can view each poster one at a time.  The  inner piece slides out of out of the outer mailer/holder, and the recipient receives more information about Dell storage solutions as each new poster is revealed.

Sirius Epic Mailer-2


Sirius Epic Mailer-3


Direct mail pieces, when created with intention – and designed to deliver the right messages to the right target – can be highly memorable communication pieces. What’s the best direct mail piece you’ve ever gotten?

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