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PTI Corporate Cup T-Shirt Design

By Dawn Sailors   •   25 October, 2013



PTI Corporate Cup T-Shirt Design

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Every year the American Lung Association hosts the Corporate Cup Run, one of the largest corporate road races in the nation. Many Omaha businesses and their employees come together during this annual event to help in the fight against lung disease. This year, we had the opportunity to design a shirt for our client Pharmaceutical Technologies, Inc. (PTI) to enter in the annual T-shirt design contest in association with the race.


Designed to emphasize the community aspect of the event, this shirt is made to be reminiscent of vintage souvenir shirts and features a blue sky accenting the Omaha skyline. The ‘O’ of Omaha has been made into the molecular symbol for oxygen, which, along with circular shapes and a cool blue color scheme, reinforces this year’s theme: “Fight for Air”.

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