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Showcasing Space: Bear Properties

By Dawn Sailors   •   22 May, 2015



Showcasing Space: Bear Properties

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Bear Properties is a commercial real estate development, management, and leasing company located in the Omaha area. Bear owns and manages commercial properties in southwest and northwest Omaha, and the Blatt building in the No Do area of the Omaha market. If you’ve come to our offices, the name will be familiar – we are located in a Bear Properties building!

Bear Properties

We recently launched a new website for Bear Properties. The website is a one page responsive website:

Despite its one-page design, the website doesn’t lack in handy features! They include an overview of their properties (with a unique hover effect for calling out information about each property within the photo), interactive maps of each property:



Information on their currently available spaces and a look at their services and offerings:

Bear Properties


If you’re a Bear Properties tenant, you also received a printed announcement card with information about the new site. If you have questions, contact us!


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