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Social Customer Service

By Corrie Oberdin   •   24 September, 2013



Social Customer Service

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Like it or not, more customers are turning toward social media to solve their customer service problems with an organization.  Whether your organization gets one customer service request each week, or one hundred, you should be prepared to address customer service issues on your social media channels.  Need to get started? Here are three things to do before you start:

1 – Engage your customer service team: If you have a customer service team, you absolutely need to engage them in the process before you launch a social media program. (If you’ve already launched your social media channels, and have not done this yet, now would be a good time!) Even if you don’t anticipate a large number of customer service requests, it’s a good rule of thumb to get your customer service team involved as early in the process as possible. If you don’t have a designated team, be sure to engage the employees who most often deal with customer service issues.

2 – Review your most common questions and concerns: Once you’ve engaged your customer service team, come up with a list of your most common customer questions and concerns. You can look at in-person questions, queries you get over the phone and email requests to ensure you have the most comprehensive list possible.  (You probably won’t catch everything – but it’s a start)

3- Make your planSome questions are easy to answer, and for these your team can write out answers to the most common questions for your social media person to handle without escalating the issue further.  Some questions aren’t so easy. For those – especially those questions that require looking at a person’s account or personal information – come up with a plan for how to get that person to a secure method of communication, with a customer service representative, without putting the onus on the customer to share their issue multiple times.

There’s more to social customer service than just these items, but they are a start. Stay tuned for more articles about Social Customer Service over the next few months!


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