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St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic

By Dawn Sailors   •   22 November, 2013



St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic

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One of our longtime clients, St. Francis Mission, opened a new dental clinic this summer. When they called on us to create a website for the clinic, we were happy to help!

The St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic is a free dental clinic operating on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Their mission is to provide access to preventative and restorative dental care for the Lakota people, a community that has been drastically under served due to living in one of the poorest counties in the United States. Thanks to the generosity of dentists and dental assistants who volunteer their time and expertise, this community finally has access to dental care and education they have long deserved.SFDental

The design of the website presented a unique challenge in that it needed to speak to two very different audiences – potential volunteers and benefactors as well as the Lakota people the clinic serves. To do so, we designed the main navigation bar to hold the content that is relevant to both groups, and created special “donate” and “volunteer” call-to-action buttons to address the specific questions and concerns of the volunteers and benefactors. On the homepage, large photos of the Lakota people showing off their bright, new smiles are prominently featured making the clinic relatable to the community it serves and to appeal emotionally to volunteers. Overall, the design of the site is unique to the dental clinic, while a few visual elements, pattern and color, visually tie the clinic to the St. Francis Mission.

We are proud to have done our part to help support such a great cause!

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