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St. Francis Mission – Program Brochure

By Corrie Oberdin   •   9 July, 2014



St. Francis Mission – Program Brochure

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The St. Francis Mission is a Catholic mission based on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. In addition to religious services (such as parishes & religious education), they provide many social services – including a Suicide & Crisis Hotline, a Dental Clinic and Drug & Alcohol Recovery programs.  They recently asked us to design a brochure outlining their many programs and how each links to their philosophy of missionary work, which is designed to empower the Lakota on the Rosebud Reservation and create leaders for the future.

The brochure first showcases the Mission’s philosophy toward missionary work, which they call the Triumph of Hope.  The philosophy, which doubles as a roadmap for the Mission’s programming, is shown visually in the form of a triangle – different sections, differentiated by color and position, outline various focuses such as healing, educational programs, academic formation and leadership.


The rest of the brochure provides an in-depth look at each of the individual programs, focusing on the program’s vision, the reason it was started, the real-life situational need that exists on the Rosebud Reservation, and how the program is addressing that situation. Each page includes a sidebar that outlines what level in the “Triumph of Hope” the program supports and also quickly identifies five reasons why donors should support it. Our favorite touch? Each sidebar is color-coded to match the color of the level in the Triumph of Hope graphic.

SFM_Brochure10 SFM_Brochure11


The brochure will help educate and spread the word about the St. Francis Mission’s work on the Rosebud Reservation.

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