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Super Bowl Shuffle

By Corrie Oberdin   •   3 February, 2014



Super Bowl Shuffle

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Everyone has an opinion on Super Bowl commercials, even those of us who secretly watch the Puppy Bowl and screen the Super Bowl commercials on YouTube in the morning. Here’s what we thought:

Kim Although not the funniest or the most touching, I thought the Bud Light series with the “Ian Up for Whatever” commercials were kind of brilliant. It was relatable and made people think “what if that was me?” or “how cool would that be!”. The product placement throughout the ads was awesome and the cameos were very good. And…the fact that the first one left you with a “cliff hanger” it made me keep an eye out for the next one.”

Dawn “My favorite commercials were the Tebow / T-Mobile no-contract commercials. I thought they were extremely clever on many levels, very timely, and they really spoke to the audience they were marketing to. Not only was the message clear and memorable, but they were fun and funny. I don’t think many people would have trouble recalling who the ad was for or what the service was they were pitching. (I think in the context of the Denver blowout, there was actually also a completely unintentional satirical element to them that I found interesting.)”

Ashley – “The kid with the Dorito’s time machine was probably my favorite. It sells the product well while maintaining an element of fun. Plus it was really the only ad that made me laugh. That’s one creative kid!” (Side note – did you know it only cost $200 to make?)

Corrie – “I’m always fond of commercials that make fun of internet conventions, so I really enjoyed the Squarespace commercial. I particularly enjoyed figuring out who each of the people stood for – viruses, annoying Facebook fans, those stupid ads that tell you you can loose weight with just one trick.” 

 Keith“If I were to pick one the “Ian Up for Whatever” was interesting, but only for the entertainment value and nothing due to the marketing message.”

Andy “None of them really stood out to me, especially thinking about my “area of expertise”.  I did like the Tim Tebow ones, if I had to choose I’d say they were my favorite.”  

Dan “Nothing really stood out to me, not even the Seinfeld reunion.” 

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