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Dawn Sailors

By Dawn Sailors   •   20 August, 2015



Dawn Sailors

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As Iridian’s Vice President of Creative, Dawn is able to contribute in all aspects of the marketing strategy, while ensuring that every piece that leaves the office meets our top-quality standards. After graduating with honors and a BA in Visual Communication and Design from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Dawn settled in Omaha, where she has been working as a designer since 2007. Dawn is a self-described aesthete who gathers inspiration from beauty, creativity, and organization in almost any form, and believes there is a direct relationship between design, happiness, and effective communication. When she’s not working, Dawn is rarely sitting still. She fills spare time with multiple projects, including creating hand-lettered artwork, refinishing furniture, tackling approximately one million DIY home projects, and blogging about all of it. Dawn has received multiple awards for her art and design work, as well as being featured on several national platforms for her writing and creative home projects. She and her husband, Brett, have two daughters, Vera and Juniper, and one hefty feline, Lucious.