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The New Office

By Dawn Sailors   •   7 August, 2013



The New Office

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Well we’ve officially been in our new office space for 5 months now. It simultaneously doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, and feels like it’s been much longer. We’re loving the change though, and it’s been fun to see our client’s reactions when they visit for the first time.

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, you can always check out the space via the virtual tour in the ‘Our Space’ section of our website. But we thought we’d delve a little deeper today into the thought process that went into designing the space, and bringing that vision to life.

It all started with a blank canvas. After looking at multiple potential locations over the course of several months, we finally pulled the trigger and decided Grayhawk Point off of 144th and Maple was the place to be. (If you’re not familiar with the location, some of our fellow tenants include The Bike Rack, Alegent Health, and Blue Sushi Sake Grill.) When we first toured the space, it looked like this:



Like we said, a blank canvas. Basically just a concrete shell. But we had vision. In no time, we were working with Omaha architect Stan How to create the most efficient floor plan we could dream up.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 10.14.44 AM

The layout was customized to our unique needs, and includes 5 office spaces, an open work area with 5 built in desks, a small and large conference room, a kitchen, work station, storage space, server room, and bathrooms. It was just under one year ago that we finalized the plan and started construction.



This phase included everything from building out custom furniture, cabinets, and woodwork, to moving exterior doors, selecting stain, paint, lighting & carpeting. We opted for bright colors to tie in with our brand, as well as create a fun and inspiring work environment for employees. We also incorporated classic and clean lines in the furniture and decor, for a style that won’t soon be outdated.





It was definitely a process to get to this point, but the real fun was yet to come!

After we had all the bones in place, we got to work really making the space feel like home. This involved several trips to stores all over town for decor, accessories, and craft supplies (twist my arm!).



In the end, we pulled together an eclectic and inspiring work space that reflects our company and creates an inviting work environment. And we finally got to see our initial vision come to fruition!





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