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Turning the “WWW” into “Wide World of Wonder”

By Dawn Sailors   •   21 March, 2011



Turning the “WWW” into “Wide World of Wonder”

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Nearly everyone knows that “WWW” indicates the start of a website address, but for IRiDiAN Group and Fontenelle Nature Association, “WWW” was the start of something much bigger.  Last year, Fontenelle contacted us about creating a theme and invitation for their annual fundraiser called “Feather Our Nest.”

The funds raised during “Feather Our Nest” are typically earmarked for a specific Fontenelle project.  When we met with the Fontenelle team to discuss the 2010 theme, we focused in on the fact that kids these days don’t get outside much.  Many of us at IRiDiAN Group have kids, and we know that frequently they get stuck on the Internet, TV, or on their Nintendo DS’.  There’s not as much outside play and imagination as there was when we were kids.  We also knew that when children come to Fontenelle, they instinctively start exploring and soon begin to feel excitement and get that twinkle in their eye caused from being outside and discovering something new.

IRiDiAN Group decided to highlight the joy that children found when they explored nature – and in the process, redefined “WWW” as our theme “Wide World of Wonder”.  The invitation and materials we designed included images of children “discovering” in the forest and incorporated magical elements within the images – a small girl peeks around a tree with a subtle face; magical lights glow where young boys play and explore.  We wanted to recreate for the audience the imagination and wonder that just naturally occurs when a child gets in touch with nature.
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The imagery from the invitation was carried over into the event décor and materials.  Team members from IRiDiAN Group attended the 2010 Feather Our Nest event and had a blast.  As the weather turns warm in Nebraska, don’t forget that “WWW” also means “Wide World of Wonder” and take your children (or yourself) to the Forest!

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