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Using Eye-Catching Print Techniques

By Corrie Oberdin   •   21 August, 2015



Using Eye-Catching Print Techniques

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It’s no secret that we love paper and printing, and believe that by combining unique design & print techniques, you can really catch users eyes. We recently created a mailer for Sirius Computer Solution’s HP 3Par Campaign that did just that!


One of the main design objectives of this campaign was to generate user interaction. With that in mind we specifically designed this piece with a combination of unique printing techniques, and the response has been great. It really is one of those pieces you can’t NOT open when you see it in the mail.

The whole piece is printed with a special fluorescent ink that let us get a much brighter color than is possible in standard printing, and we added a foil stamp and UV coating on top of that to really stand out and catch the light. It was mailed out in a special clear envelope, so the eye-catching fluorescent color was visible right away.

HP 3Par

On the inside, there is a variable data code that is unique to each recipient. We created a corresponding online component of this campaign, where the user can enter their unique code to see if they have won a prize. To encourage maximum participation in the giveaway, we specifically designed the mailer to force interaction with the recipient, by creating a removable card with the unique code underneath, as opposed to simply printing the code on the mailer. Once they remove the card to reveal their code, they are already invested and want to see if they’re a winner.

This was an exciting opportunity to utilize some fun finishing techniques that many people don’t generally think about, and it has paid off with great results!




Is there a finishing technique you particularly like? Let us know!

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