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Using Images to Sell the Brand: Rotella’s Website

By Corrie Oberdin   •   14 February, 2017



Using Images to Sell the Brand: Rotella’s Website

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Food is not an experience that is easily translated to a website. How do you sell a product, like bread, that is so tactile when you miss things like taste and smell?

Rotellas Responsive Screens

That was the challenge we had as we approach a new website design for Rotella’s Bakery, one of the largest specialty bakeries in the country. Bread is what they do – they make over 400 varieties that span restaurants, wholesale distribution and retail products – and they’ve being doing it for over 5 generations. Our challenge was to showcase their wide varieties of products to a number of different buyers, and to tell their compelling company history at the same time – all without the taste and smell that buyers love.

Our solution? Showcase beautiful photography of Rotella’s products. Upon going to the website, visitors are immediately greeted with mouthwatering images of the many different types of bread Rotella’s produces.


Rotella's Main


It extend to specific products, which are introduced with a photo-based product menu grid:


Product Menu


And then are showcased in depth with individual photos of different product lines:


Product Page


(Hungry yet?)

The site also supports an online store, letting retail customers who love Rotella’s bread – but can’t get it locally – purchase it online. The website also includes information on menu ideation and food service/product development for their customers. Until someone invents smell-o-vision for the internet, we’ll keep using great photos to share what Rotella’s is all about.



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